Teeth Whitening Blackheath

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Your smile is important to you. Its one of the first thing you notice when you meet some. A whiter, brighter smile is beautiful. It can make you feel better about yourself and make a memorable impression.

We offer 2 different tooth whitening solutions In Blackheath which can adapt to suit your lifestyle and budget.

The Home treatment will give you whiter teeth in only 2 weeks and can be carried out at your convience.

The Zoom Advanced Power teeth whitening system is ideal for those busy individuals looking for quick results.

Home Whitening system
We need to assess whether this is  appropriate option for you. Moulds are taken of your teeth and a personalised whitening tray is made that fits over your teeth. The whitening gel is provided and instructions are given on how to whiten your teeth at home.

We will monitor your progress and guide you to having a noticeably brighter smile.

Power whitening
We use the latest Zoom teeth whitening that is a featured whitening system on TVs Extreme Makeover. In just one hour your teeth can be upto 8 shades lighter.