Special Offers at Black Heath Dental!

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Dental Examination & Hygiene Treatment £83

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Free Dental Implant Consultation

£100 will be taken for consultation, however this will be refunded if implant treatment goes ahead

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Complete Single Dental Implant and Crown: From £1,900

Normal Price £2,500

Save additional £100 on consultation (payable at time of consultation and credited against charges if Dental Implant Treatment at Spa proceeds)

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Botox (dysport)

Consultation £50.00
1 area £130 (was £270) | 2 areas £225 (was £350) | 3 areas £330 (was £450)

Juverderm (Filler Treatment)

Consultation £50.00
1 area £290 (was £350) | 2 areas £390 (was £450) | 3 areas £490 (was £550)

  • Enhance lip volume & definition
  • Reduce smokers lines above the lips
  • Professional advice and treatment planning Service with a smile.
  • reduce fine lines & wrinkles around the face
  • reduction of the appearance of facial scars
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Smile Makeovers

  • Smile Makeover may include include Veneers, Crowns,
    Whitening and Cosmetic Treatments.
  • Based on each Veneer or Crown at £420 each (normal price £500 each)
  • This offer is based on a minimum of 6 teeth ( eg 6 teeth at a total cost of £2,520)
  • Subject to clinical evaluation at time of assessment.
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Braces and Orthodontics


  • Clear Braces from £800, increasing with complexity to £3,800
  • Fixed Orthodontics Metal/Ceramic from £1500 Single Arch Upto £3800 Double Arch (depending on complexity)
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Teeth Whitening Only £260

*Professional System

*Custom Made Trays

*Personalised Treatment Plan

*Includes Free Whitening consultation

*Dental exam and hygiene clean may be necessary

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